about Gorolski Święto

International Folklore Meeting "Gorolski swieto"

31. 7. - 2. 8. 2020 - Urban Forest in Jablunkov



Friday – 30 Kč   l   Saturday - 100 Kč   l   Sunday - 100 Kč

(Children under 15 accompanied by Parents

and ZTP / P have free access)

video from Gorolskigo Święto 2019


Gorolski Święto (Highlander´s Festival) in Jabłonkow has developed from local festival in 1947. It´s organizer is Local Chapter of Polish Cultural and Educational Union (PCEU) together with folk group Gorol which is active in the frame of this Local Chapter. Gorolski Święta (GŚ) have been organized first in Lasek Miejski (Town Forest) and then in Jabłonkow - Szygła and since 1961 only in Lasek Miejski (Town Forest).


The primary goal of GŚ is presentation of folk groups from the surroundings of Jabłonkow, folk groups from Istebna, Jaworzynka, Koniakow and Wisła spontaneously participated already in first festivals. Other folk groups of PCEU form Zaolzie (Czech part of Silesia) have been gradually invited in the second part of fifties and folk groups from Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia and Poland since the beginning of sixties. With it´s scope, GŚ has already long time ago crossed not only the border of Jabłonkow, but even of Czech republic. It is based on co-operation principles from its very beginning.


Several Local Chapters of PCEU are co-operating to ensure gastronomy background of festival since mid-fifties. There have been built new styled highland cottages in Lasek Miejski and the roof over the stage has been completed in 1989. Great merits deserve hundreds of local active members and organizers - director Karol Piegza and Władysław Niedoba. Also Jura spod Grónia together with Ludwik Ciańciała - Maciej - who formed a popular and original couple of raconteurs from 1954 to 1984. Władysław Młynek - Hadam z drugij jizby and Tadeusz Filipczyk - Filip stepped presently on their place.

In 1991 GŚ has been united with Week of Beskidy Culture (Tydzień Kultury Beskidzskej) in Poland. This initiative has made attractive program of GŚ through the possibility of presentation of folk groups from China, Mexico, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Ukraine and other countries.


Festival consists also from accompanying exhibitions and parade of regional folk groups with allegoric coaches which represent highlander traditions.


Gorolski Święto gathers thousands of spectators and preserves traditon of Polish nationality group in Zaolzie and so contributes to better relations between nations.